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Moderate House Dems Turn on Pelosi, Threaten to Torpedo Their Party’s Massive Spending Plan Until Infrastructure Passes

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi received bad news from a group of “moderate” Democrats. A group of nine Democrats is threatening to torpedo their party’s $3.5 trillion spending plan unless the infrastructure bill receives a vote first. This is “an act of direct defiance” to Pelosi and “a bold exertion of power,” Fox News reports. Democrats […]

Scientists Discovered Something Troubling About Babies Born During Covid 19 Pandemic

U.S. researchers have released concerning preliminary findings about children born during the coronavirus pandemic. These findings suggest children born during the COVID-19 pandemic show lower IQ scores than those who were born before January 2020, Fox News reports. “The study of pre-pandemic babies shows that they had an IQ ranging from 98.5 to 107.3,” the […]

After Schwarzenegger Says ‘Screw Your Freedom,’ He Gets Harsh Reality Check About His Past

Arnold Schwarzenegger has some strong words for Americans who are frustrated by lockdowns, vaccine mandates, mask requirements, and other coronavirus rules. โ€œScrew your freedom,โ€ the former governor of California said. Schwarzenegger spoke with CNN senior global affairs analyst Bianna Golodryga as well as retired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman who was the Democrats’ “star witness” in […]

Biden Admin Wants to Add a New Tax That Would Apply to Tens of Millions of Americans, the ‘Double Death Tax’

The Biden White House has bad news for Americans hoping to avoid high taxes โ€” the “Double Death Tax.” The National Review reports this essentially amounts to “a second estate tax.” And the one we already have is bad enough. Republicans have fought for years to โ€œkill the death tax.โ€ Polls indicate the death tax […]

BREAKING: U.S. Deploying 3000 Troops Back to Afghanistan to Evacuate US Embassy As Taliban Advances

The Biden administration is reversing course in Afghanistan. Biden appears to have shown very poor judgment by preemptively pulling U.S. troops out of Afghanistan, creating a catastrophic situation in the region. The safety of American citizens and Afghan interpreters at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul has been very seriously compromised. Now the Pentagon is scrambling […]

George Floyd Rioter Learns His Fate, Gets Sentenced to Nine Years in Federal Prison After Setting Store on Fire

Violent leftists used the tragic death of George Floyd to wreak havoc on American cities. On boastful rioter just learned his fate. 29-year-old Matthew Repuert was sentenced to nearly nine years behind bars for handing out explosives and setting a store on fire in Minneapolis. Repuert was so brazen that he even live-streamed his actions […]

Florida Drops the Hammer, Issues Warning to School Officials Who Force Students to Wear Masks

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently went nuclear on the Biden administration’s input on combating coronavirus. “Why donโ€™t you do your job?” DeSantis suggested to Biden. “Why don’t you get this border secure?” he continued. “And until you do that, I donโ€™t wanna hear a blip about COVID from you, thank you.” DeSantis continued, “This is […]

After Biden Cracks Down on U.S. Oil Projects, He Is Now Begging Other Nations for Help to Lower Gas Prices

The Biden administration is pleading with OPEC to increase oil production. At the same time, however, the Biden administration is accused of targeting American oil and gas companies as part of the Left’s goal of combating “climate change.” Rep. Dan Crenshaw responded by saying the Biden administration has reached a โ€œwhole new level of stupid,โ€. […]