Chicago Cops Had Enough – When The Mayor Visited Wounded Officer She Got Brutal Message

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot just received a scathing message from the city’s police force.

As previously reported, a young Chicago police officer named Ella French was murdered when the passengers started shooting during a traffic stop. It was supposed to be a simple, routine traffic stop. French was just 29 years old.

Another officer is still fighting for his life. Police officers have remained at the hospital to provide their support.

Following the tragedy, Mayor Lightfoot said it was “an official day of mourning for the city.” However, she also added a horrible comment that claimed, “Some say we do too much” for police officers.

As one police officer died and another fights for his life, Mayor Lightfoot used this as an opportunity to acknowledge and fuel the left’s attacks on cops.

Here’s an image of Officer French who gave her life in the line of duty:

Here’s Lightfoot’s response:

Lightfoot then attempted to visit the hospital where the surviving cop was in critical condition.

She received an “icy reception from dozens of police,” reports say. The group of cops turned their backs on Lightfoot.

Here’s a photo of what happened:

From the Post Millennial:

The scene at Chicago Medical Center at midnight on Saturday is described by Chicago Sun-Times.

Nearly thirty CPD officers accompanied the critically injured male officer’s family in the waiting area on the seventh floor. The guy’s father is a retired police officer and gave Lori Lightfoot his opinion she was to blame for his son’s situation.

Lightfoot listened to what the father had to say, as the retired cop yelled at her. But then Chicago’s mayor tried to move things along by making a more general speech to the crowd of cops.

…The photo below was provided to an Alderman.

Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara told the outlet:

“The police officers’ decision to turn their backs on the mayor while waiting with the family on the 7th floor was significant. Turning their backs on the mayor was an excellent example of how the hundreds of police officers felt waiting outside the hospital.”

The backlash occurred instantly:

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