Dan Crenshaw Sarcastically ‘Thanks’ Obama for His Birthday Message Regarding Lockdowns: ‘Do Not Comply’

Rep. Dan Crenshaw sarcastically thanked former President Barack Obama following his 60th birthday party.

Crenshaw said that Obama’s allegedly “scaled back” and maskless birthday party showed a clear message to the American people regarding strict lockdown measures: “Do not comply”

Obama faced major backlash over his initial plan to host approximately 475 people as well as another 200 individuals hired to help — a total of roughly 675 people.

Immediately, Obama was slammed as a hypocrite amid new guidance from the CDC and Biden administration regarding efforts to end a surge in Covid-19. As many Americans still struggle through the negative financial impact of the pandemic, political elites like Obama enjoy lavish parties on Martha’s Vineyard with hundreds of people. Piers Morgan and others said Obama is “incredibly reckless.”

Obama changed the plans to invite only family and “close friends,” which apparently includes Beyonce, Jay-Z, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, George Clooney, John Legend, Chrissy Tiegen, and former NBA star Dwyane Wade.

There was “not a mask in sight” according to the Daily Mail.

Here was Rep. Crenshaw’s message via Daily Wire:

“Frankly I think we should be thanking the [Obamas] for ensuring that Americans will absolutely not comply with more lockdowns,” Rep. Crenshaw stated. “Lockdowns don’t work, the costs are too high, and the people who force them upon us know this too.”

“Do not comply,” the Texas Republican asserted.

In the throes of the nation’s strictest lockdown measures over the past year, the American people have seen numerous public figures break their own arbitrary lockdown measures they themselves were enforcing. From fancy dinners the press was not supposed to know about to face mask removal when the cameras were turned off, hypocrisy from our elites was ripe.

The massive party from the Obamas, Crenshaw argued, is another instance where citizens might feel like the harsh lockdown rules only apply to the little people.

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