‘Dangerous and Scary’: Video of Confused Biden Wandering Onto Grass After Secret Service Directs Him the Other Way Sparks Concern

A viral video of Joe Biden is sparking questions and concerns across social media.

“Dangerous and scary,” comments one person on Twitter.

Former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Dan Scavino said that Biden “went the wrong way” and appeared to be “totally lost.”

Scavino shared the video online for others to view. It appears Biden was walking up to the Oval Office after a long weekend in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware.

Biden can be seen walking down the sidewalk leading up to the door. A Secret Service agent walking in front of Biden pointed toward a right turn into the sidewalk.

Ignoring those directions, Biden continued to walk straight and wandered onto the grass.

Taking an unnecessarily circuitous path, Biden eventually found his way to the door.

Watch the clip:

Some other responses:

In recent weeks, Joe Biden’s sharp cognitive decline appears to worsen.

He falsely claimed that “350 million” Americans have been vaccinated when, in fact, the total population of the United States is approximately 328 million. Watch the clip:

“The president is not alright,” comments Elizabeth Stauffer at Western Journal.

While the media might think they are hiding Biden’s struggles, the rest of the world is beginning to notice, particularly in Australia. Sky News Australia host Andrew Bolt spoke with psychiatrist Tanveer Ahmed on his show and discussed Ahmed’s assessment of Biden’s mental health.

Bolt showed viewers a video of Biden losing his train of thought during a public speech. Bolt explained, “for a lot of the time… there was no real trouble, no real trouble. He was answering fluently — for him. But you couldn’t ignore moments like these for instance.”

Psychiatrist Tanveer Ahmed responded on the show, “You get the feeling he’s almost just hanging on — which can be a feature of dementia.”

He continued, “The other problem with Joe Biden is, you know, it is probably steadily getting worse in the last sort of 12, 18 months and that is a feature of dementia where you’re kind of seeing a steady, gradual decline … I don’t think it’s unreasonable to raise these questions.” Bolt said, “For the most part, there’s no problem at all, he’s talking fine, then suddenly boom, the memory goes.”

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