More than $70 million plus in small donations poured in after Trump verdict

Former President Donald Trump received a record-breaking amount of campaign contributions from small donors in the days following his New York criminal trial verdict, totaling over $200 million.

This unprecedented fundraising surge indicates widespread outrage among his supporters regarding perceived abuses of power against Trump dating back to the 2016 election.

Various controversies are listed as motivators for donors, including the Clinton email investigation, the Mueller probe, two impeachment attempts, and the manner in which Trump’s legal cases have been pursued.

The trial judge is called out for anti-Trump bias shown through his campaign donations.

Critics argue selective prosecution, leaks to media, and changing rules have undermined fairness.

The cash influx demonstrates that for many voters, the recent trial was one abuse too many in a string of actions politicizing law enforcement.

It remains to be seen if further sentencing will provoke another donor response, but the donations appear aimed at countering what the contributors see as unrelenting unfair treatment of the former president.