Tulsi Gabbard After Trump Verdict: Biden ‘Guilty of Abuse of Power’

Former congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard accused President Biden of abusing his power and persecuting political opponents after former President Trump was found guilty of falsifying business records in New York.

Gabbard, who has distanced herself from the Democratic Party, said Biden is guilty of turning the US into a banana republic by using the legal system against opponents.

“Biden: GUILTY of abuse of power. Biden: GUILTY of turning our country into a banana republic where those in power use the law to go after their political opponents. Biden: GUILTY of undermining our Constitution and the freedoms guaranteed therein,” Gabbard said.

“Biden has proven he is unfit for the office of the presidency,” she added.

She said Biden has undermined the constitution and freedoms.

The charges against Trump were normally a misdemeanor but prosecuted as a felony without specifying what federal crime occurred.

Trump’s team argued it was election interference.

His sentencing will be four days before the Republican National Convention votes for him as their presidential nominee, fueling criticisms the case was politically motivated.

Gabbard joins others alleging Biden is unfit for office due to improperly targeting opponents.