Biden Campaign Uses Capitol Police Against Trump

The Biden campaign is sending three police officers who responded to the January 6th Capitol riots on a tour of swing states, in an effort to convince voters not to support Donald Trump in the 2024 election.

The officers will emphasize Trump’s praise of the rioters and claims he would act as a dictator.

“I heard distress calls coming from fellow police officers on the Capitol as thousands of Trump supporters rushed them and brutally assaulted members of law enforcement,” former D.C. police officer Michael Fanone stated.

“That day, I like many other hundreds of other D.C. police officers, put on a uniform and responded to the Capitol to assist our brothers and sisters in law enforcement,” he added.

This comes as recent polls show Trump leading Biden in key states by margins of 2-9 points.

The Cook Political Report predicts a Trump victory based on current polling.

Legal efforts against Trump by Democratic prosecutors also do not seem to be impacting voter opinions.

Critics argue Trump’s speeches encouraged peaceful protest and the vast majority of January 6th participants did not engage in violence, calling the prosecution politically motivated.

The campaign is making a last-ditch push to define Trump as a threat to democracy through surrogate testimony.