Bidenflation Turned Fast Food into ‘Luxury’ for Americans | Opinion

A Lending Tree poll found that 78% now consider fast food a luxury due to rising prices from inflation.

The average cost of a meal at a burger restaurant was $30, far higher than in the past.

“78% of consumers view fast food as a luxury because it’s become increasingly expensive,” Lending Tree reported. “Additionally, half of Americans say they view fast food as a luxury because they’re struggling financially”

Prices for common McDonald’s items have roughly doubled from the Trump to Biden administrations.

While many feel fast food should be cheaper than eating at home, costs have risen to near or exceeding sit-down restaurants for many Americans.

Generations saw fast food as an affordable family meal option on busy nights, but rising inflation has significantly increased prices and eroded that convenience.

Critics argue this is another quality of life impact from the Biden administration’s allegedly destructive economic policies, as leisure activities become priced out of reach for average working individuals and families.