Bill Maher Predicts Biden Is Done, Going To Lose

Comedian Bill Maher discussed 2024 presidential candidates with journalist Kara Swisher, predicting Joe Biden will “f*cking lose” reelection.

While Trump was recently convicted of felonies in New York, Maher cited polls showing a tight Biden-Trump race and argued there are “shy Trump voters” reluctant to publicly support him.

“Almost everybody who I could think of who I really respect, we’re kind of all on the same page here: which is we lose our credibility if we don’t talk about… as if they’re not going to notice Biden’s old,” Maher said.

“First of all, I think it’s a moot point at this point. He’s [Biden] going to [expletive] lose,” Maher said.

“There’s also something called the reverse: the shy Trump voter,” Maher added. “The shy Trump voter is specifically something else. The shy Trump voter is the one who’s going to vote for Trump, but doesn’t want you to know it because it’s a little de classé and they don’t want it in whatever the company they’re in. I mean, any place you went in this town, no one would say they’re voting for Trump, and I’m sure he’s going to get some votes.”

Recent conviction has so far had little impact on Trump’s popularity, with only 1 in 10 Republicans reporting less likelihood to vote for him in Reuters/Ipsos and NPR/PBS NewsHour polls; 55% said it didn’t influence them and 34% said it made them more likely.
Trump dismissed the trial as politically motivated and accused Judge Juan Merchan of bias.

“We were at 5 percent or 6 percent in this district, in this area,” Trump said in New York.

Looking ahead, 9 in 10 Republicans remain loyal to Trump according to polling conducted following the conviction, a sign his reelection odds in 2024 may be improving despite ongoing legal woes.