CNN Data Expert Stuns Host With Poll: ‘My Goodness’

According to recent polls, Joe Biden currently trails Donald Trump in key swing states that Biden won in 2020, ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Polls also show Trump gaining support among foreign-born voters and leading Biden on issues like border security and immigration.

“No matter how you phrase it, you will see that more voters today trust former President Trump over President Biden, but the margins can change depending on how it is,” CNN’s senior data reporter Harry Enten said. “So this is a better job on border security and immigration, which tends to be one of former President Trump’s best questions.”

“My goodness gracious,” Enton added. “Look at this huge jump that Donald Trump has gotten. He is now ahead on this issue by 27 percentage points. So it’s not just that immigration is more at the top of voters’ minds than it was four years ago. It’s that who they trust on the issue has changed tremendously.”

While Trump was recently convicted of felonies, his approval ratings have risen, with 55% now viewing his presidency as a success.

In contrast, Biden sees mostly negative ratings, with 61% calling his presidency a failure so far.

There are also stark partisan divides, as 92% of Republicans approve of Trump compared to 73% of Democrats for Biden.

Biden faces broad disapproval of 60% on his overall job handling and weak approval even on issues like healthcare.

His lowest rating of 28% comes from managing the Israel-Gaza conflict.

The polls indicate Trump is in a stronger position for 2024 despite legal troubles.