Jason Aldean Slams Trump Verdict: ‘Time to Speak Up’

Country singer Jason Aldean publicly criticized Donald Trump’s guilty verdict, calling the current political climate “scary.”

He posted an upside-down American flag, expressing distress over a former president receiving unfair treatment.

“Scary times in our country right now, man,” Aldean wrote. “When a former POTUS gets treated like this by our justice system, what does that mean for the rest of us??? If there was ever a time to speak up, IT’S NOW! Make no mistake… We are in trouble.”

Aldean warned that average citizens could face similar unjust prosecution if the powerful are not held accountable.

The New York trial has drawn widespread condemnation from conservatives and independents who view it as a politically motivated effort to sway November’s election.

While Trump was found guilty on all counts relating to business records, he plans to appeal and maintains his innocence.

“This is far from over,” Trump said.

“We will win,” he said regarding an appeal. “We will fight for our Constitution. This is far from over.”

Aldean’s post echoed sentiments that the “real verdict” lies with voters, as Americans face threats to constitutional freedoms and the rule of law.