New poll reveals Biden losing support from this key demographic

Recent polls suggest President Biden is struggling for support among younger voters compared to 2020, which could impact the 2024 election.

One national poll shows Biden only ahead of Trump by 4 points among those under 45 and 6 points among ages 18-29, much less than his over 20 point lead in 2020.

Younger voters are concerned about issues like cost of living.

“They don’t see a lot of connection to him,” Marist College Institute for Public Opinion director Lee Miringoff said.

“They’re worried about the cost of living, which isn’t reserved just for them, but clearly, as they envision moving into adulthood, cost of living, housing costs, how to get into that next step seems to be an obstacle.… They’re seeing the economy as a lot of other voters do — laying it on Biden’s doorstep at the moment.”

Another Harvard poll recorded Biden’s lead over Trump among those under 30 at just 8 points, versus a 23 point advantage in 2020.

Trump has made gains among young men.

Biden’s approval among younger voters is less than 25% with over 60% holding an unfavorable view, while Trump is above water.

However, over half of younger voters haven’t firmly decided who they will vote for.

Biden launched a campaign focused on building youth support, but polls indicate he needs to regain ground lost with Generation Z and millennial voters.