Trump Mocks Biden’s Frequent Teleprompter Mishaps In Speech

At a Republican donor event in Minnesota, former President Donald Trump expressed confidence he could win statewide in 2024.

He joked about a fallen teleprompter at the start, mocking President Biden’s reliance on them.

“How about that? Before I get up, the teleprompter fell down. That’s great. Great going, fellas, back there,” Trump joked. “Then they want to know why I didn’t pay the bill. You know, I get a lot of heat. I got a teleprompter that’s gone. This one’s almost gone. But we’ve been there before.”

Trump said if that happened to Biden, “he’d leave.” He vowed to replace “Bidennomics” spending with “MAGAnomics” and stop inflation.

“Supposing that happened to Biden. You know what happens? He go like this; bye!” Trump said. “He’d leave! I’ll stay here for an hour, we’ll have some fun.”

“On Day One we’ll throw out Bidennomics and we will reinstate MAGAnomics,” Trump said. “We will stop the Biden stupid spending spree, we will end his inflation death spiral.”

Trump criticized Biden claiming the economy is strong when polling says Americans disagree.

He also jokingly blamed the “worst” stage construction for tilting left.

“You know, this is the worst platform. Who put this stage up? It is the worst the freaking place is falling down. I noticed it keeps tilting further left Like too many other things,” Trump said. “Like too many other things What a crappy contractor this was.”

Trump has been increasing donor meetings to close Biden’s fundraising lead, though Biden has had more big donor support while Trump relies more on small donors.

Biden’s big donor percentage is up 10 points from 2020, while Trump’s is down 10 points, indicating Trump needs to improve with large donors.